viernes, 14 de noviembre de 2008


When this kiss is over
it will start again.
It will not be any different.
It will be exactly the same.
Its hard to imagine
that nothing at all
could be so exciting
could be so much fun.

Heaven is a place
a place where nothing
nothing every happens.

Bonus Track:

Home - is where i want to be
But i guess i'm already there
I come home - -she lifted up her wings
Guess that this must be the place
I can't tell one from another
Did i find you, or you find me?
There was a time before we were born
If someone asks, this where i'll be . . . where i'll be

Por 10 gallifantes extra: ¿Qué tienen en común los dos videos anteriores con Hannibal Lecter?

Por 50 gallifantes extra: ¿Qué misteriosa conexión une a la segunda canción con John Fitzgerald Kennedy?

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LoKKie dijo...

El segundo no se,pero el primero creo que tienen en comun la ropa hortera carcelaria que llevan xD