domingo, 16 de octubre de 2011

Pompeii was yellin'...

Now the island is shiftin'
the plates are liftin'
The core is creamy
docile and dreamy
Stopped up and steamy.
Happy campers
poop in there pampers.
When the mountain
becomes a fountain
of white hot lava
molten magna.
Super sonic.
plate techtonics.
Stero phonic.
Lava and tonic.
The boom is bionic.
Sony shut down.
Magnavox meltdown.
Ballistic breakdown.
Hi fi heatwave.
Lo fi lava cave.
That sulfur smells
mt st helen's.
Pompeii was yellin'

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Necio Hutopo dijo...

Claro... Claro... Días sin pasar y ahora tengo que comentar una canción...